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Seminars in Microbiology

ETH Biology Lecture 2014

Prof. Richard Flavell, Yale School of Medicine:

"Inflammasome in Health, Dysbiosis and Disease"

March 18, 2014, HCI G7, 17:15 h

Autumn Semester 2014

ETH Science City, usually on Wednesdays, 17:15
- Lecture hall: HCI J3, Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 10, 8093 Zurich

Guests are welcome!

März 19, 2014

Prof. Dr. H.G. Sahl (Host: Prof. Dr. Markus Aebi)
University Bonn (GER)

"The antibiotic crisis - why is it so difficult to find new drugs and targets" 
February 26, 2014

Kerstin Trautwein, PhD student, (Group of Prof. Dr. Salomé Leibundgut)
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zürich (CH)

"Interleukin-17 mediated immune responses against fungal infections in the oral cavity"
March 5, 2014

Prof. Dr. Petr Broz (Host: Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Hardt)
Focal Area Infection Biology, University of Basel (CH)

New links between inflammasome activation and cell-autonomous immunity"
March 12, 2014

Susanne Müller, PhD student (Group of Prof. Dr. Markus Aebi and Dr. Robert Gauss)
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zürich (CH)

"Assembly or Degradation - The dynamics of a yeast membrane protein complex"
March 19, 2014

Dr. Bernard Henrissat (Host: Prof. Dr. Markus Aebi)
IBGC CNRS Bordeaux (F)

"Carbohydrate-active enzymes of the gut microbiota"
March 26, 2014

Prof. Gregory Challis (Host: Prof. Dr. Jörn Piel)
University of Warwick (UK)

"New insights into molecular mechanisms of polyketide biosynthesis"
April 2, 2014

Pascal Ziltener, PhD student (Group of Prof. Dr. Annette Oxenius)
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zürich (CH)

"The role of innate immunity in the control of Legionella pneumophila lung infection"
April 9, 2014

Dr. Peter Mergaert (Host: Prof. Dr. Julia Vorholt)
Institut des Sciences du Végétal, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, (F)

"Controlling endosymbiotic bacteria with antimicrobial peptides"
April 15, 2014      Tuesday     HCI G3 at 15:15h

Prof. Eric Oswald (Host: Prof. Dr. Jörn Piel)
Université Toulouse III and Centre de Physiopathologie de Toulouse-Purpan, (F)

"Escherichia coli : the enemy within?"
April 16, 2014

Dr. Christoph Keel (Host: Prof. Dr. Hans-Martin Fischer)
Université de Lausanne, Switzerland (CH) 

"Plant-beneficial rhizosphere bacteria with insecticidal activities"
April 30, 2014                     HIL E9 at 9:30h

Katja Jensen, PhD Student (Group of Prof. Dr. Jörn Piel)
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zürich (CH)

"New chain release mechanisms in polyketide and peptide biosynthesis"
May 7, 2014

Andreas Kaczmarczyk, PhD Student (Group of Prof. Dr. Julia Vorholt)
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zürich (CH)

”Control of the General Stress Response in Sphingomonas"
May 14, 2014

Maximilian Helf, PhD Student (Group of Prof. Dr. Jörn Piel)
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zürich (CH)

"Ribosomal peptide biosynthesis gone wild - studying the proteusin family of natural products"
May 27, 2014                     HCI G3 at 15:15h

Prof. Dr. Roman Stocker (Host: Prof. Dr. Julia Vorholt - Prof. Dr. Viola Vogel)
MIT, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (USA)

"Marine microbial ecology: The fascinating micro-world of ocean bacteria"
May 28, 2014                     HCI G3 at 15:15h

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Braus (Host: Prof. Dr. Markus Aebi)
Universität Gottingen (GER)

"Coordination of fungal development and secondary metabolism"

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