Piel, Jörn, Prof. Dr.

Prof. Dr.  Jörn Piel


ETH Zürich

Dep. of Biology 

Prof. Dr. Jörn Piel

Institut für Mikrobiologie 

HCI  G 431 

Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 1-5/10

8093 Zürich


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Additional information

Research area

Jörn Piel's research focuses on the origin, ecology, and activity of natural products. Using biological and chemical methods, his research group investigates how organisms such as bacterial communities in marine sponges synthesize these often complex substances. This knowledge is then applied in Synthetic Biology  to produce compounds that are difficult to obtain from Nature. Such natural products are of great interest for the development of drugs used in antiinfective or anticancer therapy.

Curriculum Vitae

Jörn Piel is a full professor of Microbial Interactions at the Institute of Microbiology since February 2013.

He was born in Germany, in 1967.

Jörn Piel studied chemistry at the University of Bonn, Germany. From 1995-1998 he conducted his PhD work in Bonn with Prof. W. Boland, studying biosynthesis and regulation of natural products involved in plant signaling. As an Alexander von Humboldt postdoctoral fellow (1998-1999) he worked on biosynthetic pathways of marine bacteria in the laboratory of Prof. B. S. Moore and Prof. H. G. Floss at the University of Washington, Seattle. From 1999-2004 he headed a junior research group at the Max Planck Institute of Chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany, and obtained the habilitation at the University of Jena in 2004. In the same year he was appointed a C3 (Assistant) Professor at the Kekulé Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bonn, Germany.

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