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New Paper by the Piel Lab

A Lanthipeptide-like N-Terminal Leader Region Guides Peptide Epimerization by Radical SAM Epimerases: Implications for RiPP Evolution Read more 


Prof. Sunagawa contributed to a new Nature paper

Ecogenomics and potential biogeochemical impacts of globally abundant ocean viruses Read more 


New paper by the Künzler Group

Coprinopsis cinerea intracellular lactonases hydrolyze quorum sensing molecules of Gram-negative bacteria. Read more 


New paper by the Hardt Lab

IFN-γ Hinders Recovery from Mucosal Inflammation during Antibiotic Therapy for Salmonella Gut Infection Read more 

Seminars in Microbiology

usually Wednesdays, 17:15h,
ETH Hönggerberg, HCI J3

26.10.2016 | Group of: Prof. Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Hardt


Prof. Dr. Christoph Dehio
Universität Basel, Biozentrum (CH)

"Evolutionary and structure/function analysis of bacterial effectors subverting host cell signaling"

Cutting Edge Topics: Immunology & Infection Biology

usually Tuesdays, 17:15h,
room Y17-M-05 (Irchel)

25.10.2016 | Host: Prof. Dr. Jan Lünemann

"Autoimmune T cell trafficking into the different CNS compartments"

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