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New paper by the Künzler Group

Coprinopsis cinerea intracellular lactonases hydrolyze quorum sensing molecules of Gram-negative bacteria. Read more 


New paper by the Hardt Lab

IFN-γ Hinders Recovery from Mucosal Inflammation during Antibiotic Therapy for Salmonella Gut Infection Read more 


New paper by the Vorholt Lab

Systems-level proteomics of two ubiquitous leaf commensals reveals complementary adaptive traits for phyllosphere colonization. Read more 


Cell paper by the Vorholt Lab

Tunable Single-Cell Extraction for Molecular Analyses. Read more 

Seminars in Microbiology

usually Wednesdays, 17:15h,
ETH Hönggerberg, HCI J3

28.09.2016 | Host: Prof. Dr. Julia Vorholt

"Synthetic biological approaches for probing cellular physiology" 

Cutting Edge Topics: Immunology & Infection Biology

usually Tuesdays, 17:15h,
room Y17-M-05 (Irchel)

27.09.2016 | Host: Prof. Dr. Maries van den Broek


Prof. Dr. Nicola Harris
EPF Lausanne (CH)

"B cell-stromal cell cross talk regulates lymphoid remodelling and adaptive immunity"  

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