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Symposium on "Innate Immunity in Host-Pathogen Interactions"

EMBO | EMBL Symposium from 26 June - 29 June 2016 in Heidelberg, Germany. Read more 


New paper by the Aebi Lab:

Analysis of site-specific N-glycan remodeling in the endoplasmic reticulum and the Golgi. Read more 


Nature paper by the Vorholt Lab and collaborators at MPI cologne:

Functional overlap of the Arabidopsis leaf and root microbiota. Read more 


New paper by the Hardt Lab:

Autophagy Proteins Promote Repair of Endosomal Membranes Damaged by the Salmonella Type Three Secretion System 1. Read more 


New paper by the Oxenius Lab:

The Salivary Gland Acts as a Sink for Tissue-Resident Memory CD8+ T Cells, Facilitating Protection from Local Cytomegalovirus Infection. Read more 

Seminars in Microbiology

Wednesdays, 17:15h,
ETH Hönggerberg, HCP E 47.3

24.02.2016 | Host: Prof. Dr. Julia Vorholt

"The phyllosphere community of Arabidopsis thaliana: Microbiota composition and individual fitness strategies"

Cutting Edge Topics: Immunology & Infection Biology

Tuesdays, 17:15h,
ETH Hönggerberg, HCI D8

23.02.2016 | Host: Prof. Dr. Salomé LeibundGut

Prof. Dr. Roxane Tussiwand
University of Basel (CH)

"Dendritic cells at the crossroad of innate and adaptive immunity."

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